In order to protect the safety, security, privacy, and property interests of the Red River Valley Fair Association, any operation or use of unmanned aircraft systems or any other similar type devices (commonly known as “drones”) is prohibited on the premises of Red River Valley Fair Association, without prior written approval from the Red River Valley Fair Association. Please be advised that violation of this policy will result in immediate ejection from the Red River Valley Fair Association’s premises and may subject the violator to a criminal trespass warning or arrest for those who fail to comply.


The Red River Valley Fairgrounds is within the flight path of the West Fargo Municipal Airport.


Anyone operating an Unmanned Aircraft Systems is responsible for flying within FAA guidelines and regulations. Operators should be aware of where it is and is not safe to fly. For more information on Unmanned Aircraft Systems, please visit the FAA website at: https://www.faa.gov/uas/